Ottoman Splendours


We begin our tour at Topkapi Palace, which, from the 15th to the 19th century was the principal residence of the Ottoman Sultans. We will visit the fabulous Imperial Treasury and Baghdad Kiosk Topkapi Palace is now a museum and has unrivalled collections of jewelry, including the Spponmaker’s Diamond and 3rd largest in the world. It also posesses numerous Ottoman court costumes and ceramics, notably including one of the world’s finest collections of Chinese celadon ceramics many of which were gifts from other rulers. Interestingly some of the ceramics have a special glaze that was said to change color in the presence of poison. We also visit the Imperial Armory, displaing centuries of Ottoman weaponary. But perhaps the loveliest feature of Topkapi Palace are its courtyards with their ancient trees; It is easy to imagine the sultan strolling here far from the cares of state and empire.

*On Tuesdays, when Topkapi Palace is closed, this tour is not offered.

Price : 40 Eur per person.

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